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Powerlifting News - Regional Qualifiers

Posted Date: 03/05/2018

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The following lifters have qualified for the 2018 Region 2 Division 3 Powerlifting meet:

Girls Powerlifting
Shelby Broekhuizen 97.5 lb weight class; 365 lb total
Hannah Gray 148.5 lb weight class; 680 lb total
Skylar Bonnet 259 lb weight class; 590 lb total

The girls will compete on March 3, 2018 at the Ralph Wilson Youth Club in Temple, Texas.

Boys Powerlifting
Cristian Ramirez 114 lb weight class; 680 lb total
Cameron Naumann 148 lb weight class; 1070 lb total
Shawn Davis 165 lb weight class; 1080 lb total
Adrian Spencer 220 lb weight class; 1190 lb total
Troy Dunagan SHW lb weight class; 1405 lb total

The boys will compete on March 10, 2018 at West High School in West, Texas. Please congratulate these lifters when you see them and wish them luck in their regional competition.