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Vision, Mission & Goals

Stakeholders from across the community were brought together to assess the needs of and to offer input on the direction Florence Independent School District should take over the next five years. The strategic planning process helped to identify a common set of beliefs that are unique to the community. Every action in the strategic plan was purposefully aligned with the community’s beliefs. Community members  also harmonized their beliefs and reviewed the district’s vision and mission, which became the foundation of the strategic plan. 
Strategic Plan 2023
Florence ISD inspires excellence and empowers each student to achieve their highest potential.

Florence ISD is a collaborative partnership of dedicated students, staff, families, and community members. We provide a safe, engaging learning environment with equitable support, high expectations, and diversified instruction. We build a strong foundation for life-long learning, preparing all students for a successful future.

District Goal 1:

Highly Effective Instruction – By 2028, 100% of instruction in all Florence ISD classrooms will be highly effective.

District Goal 2:

High-Quality Curriculum & Instructional Materials – By 2028, 100% of Florence ISD students will have equitable access to high-quality curriculum, instructional materials, and assesssments to accomplish their post-secondary goals.

District Goal 3:

Human Capital Systems – By 2028, 100% of Florence ISD staff will be highly effective, well-supported, and invested.

District Goal 4:

Positive Culture – By 2028, 100% of Florence ISD students, staff, families, and community members will be supported and included.