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Differentiation/ accommodations

An online vocabulary resource with premade sets of vocabulary cards and activities to help students study.  Or you can sign up for free and make your own.

Free word simplification.  It has several different options for how the simplified words will appear in text.  Provides other vocabuary activties from the text.  It can even simplify live sites for students doing research by combining Rewordify with the website being accessed.  This is done by clicking the “One Click Learning” link on the Rewordify page.  It also accesses public documents, such as the consititution.

Engaging techniques for effective teaching.  You will find an explanation of how and when to use the strategy, a template students can use, and a place to take notes about the tool.  Many strategies have videos, so you can watch it in action.

Kahoot! is an online forum for creating interactive surveys and quizzes.  It’s FUN and FREE.

Free, non-fiction reading materials that are high-interest, current-events and age appropriate.  Teachers can create classes online.  Each article comes with an adjustable reading level and several have quizzes and materials.


A free online platform to create lessons around Youtube videos.  The site has paired educators and animators to create a series of ready to use videos and lessons as well.