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Special Education

Our Mission

Our Special Education team exists to support the Florence ISD mission of ensuring children with disabilities ages 3-21 who qualify for Special Education services are provided with access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment, and they receive a quality education that enables them to reach their highest potential and participate fully in future social, economic and educational opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Florence ISD is committed to providing quality services for students with disabilities. “Special Education” means specially designed instruction that meets the needs of children with a disability. We believe that special education is a service that is individually determined based on data-driven student needs throughout the school day. Our primary instructional goal for all services is that students with disabilities are able to access and progress in the general curriculum through an Individualized Education Program (IEP), built on a standards-based framework.

                                                       Sharon M. Gibson-Director of Special Education/Section 504                                                                                     


                                                      Districtwide Supervisor for:                                                               

  Section 504---Dyslexia---Migrant Education---Foster Care Education 


                                             Special Education Administrative Associate                                      

Misty Stephens

                                                                                                          Department Staff

                                                                                               Kathryn Peterson---Educational Diagnostician   


                                                                                               Kate Mills ---Occupational Therapist 

                                                                                               Heather Patterson---Physical Therapist     

                                                                                              Shelby Northcutt---Speech Therapist     

                                                                                                Kaitlyn Al-Hashash – Speech Therapist

                                                                                              Beth Moore---18+ Transition Specialist       

                                                                                              Robert Headrick---18+ Lead Teacher                                                             

Contact Florence ISD Special Education office at 254-793-2850 ext. 2236 if you have any questions.