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A drawing will be held to determine the order in which candidates are printed on the ballot for the election. Below is the notice for this drawing. 



Candidates that have filed for the 2024 Board of Trustees General Election:

Ed Navarette, Place 4

Charles Giddens, Place 5

Shay Holloway, Place 5


Board of Trustees Election Information:

Open positions for the May 4, 2024, Board of Trustees General Election

Place 4: Incumbent is Ed Navarette

Place 5: Incumbent is Charles Giddens
The Board of Trustees is comprised of community members who are elected to serve three year terms. Board members are elected at large for specific places on the Board. Each May a minimum of two places are open for election.
Eligibility for Candidacy:

Please see Policy BBA(LEGAL) for information regarding eligibility to serve on the Board of Trustees:

Candidates gain a place on the ballot by the timely filing of an application for that purpose. The designated dates for the filing of an application are published prior to an election. The application is filed at the Florence ISD Administration Building, 306 College Ave., Florence, TX 76527 during regular business hours.
There is no filing fee and no compensation for the office of School Trustee. Candidates are designated by place on the ballot. The office sought is "School Trustee, Place____." Any application that does not specify the Place on the Board of Trustees being sought is deemed not to be valid.
Candidate Application Forms and Reports:

On the 30th day before the filing deadline, candidates may pick up a packet or request one be mailed to them from the FISD Administration Office at 306 College Ave, (793-2850).  The completed packet must be returned no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 78th day before Election Day.  The deadline to file a declaration of write-in candidacy is 5:00 p.m. on the 74th day before Election Day.

Deadlines for the May 4, 2024, election are:

First day to file for place on the ballot: January 17, 2024

Last day to file for place on the ballot: February 16, 2024

Early voting begins: Monday, April 22, 2024

Last day of early voting: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Election Date: May 4, 2024

 The packet contains instructions, an application, and forms required for the election. The application, forms, and instructions are also available online from the Secretary of State and State Ethics Commission websites.
Campaign Contributions and Expenditures:

Before any campaign contributions can be accepted or any campaign expenditures made, the candidate must appoint a Campaign Treasurer and file that appointment at the same place as the application for a place on the ballot. If there is to be campaign financial activity prior to the first day to file the application for a place on the ballot, the Campaign Treasurer appointment must be filed prior to the application. A candidate may appoint him (her) self as it Campaign Treasurer. Reports on campaign contributions and expenditures are due at the intervals shown on the forms provided for reporting it. Reports are timely submitted if filed on or before the due date at the Administration Building. If the filing due date is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the Monday following becomes the due date. Please note the option to elect the modified method of reporting as explained on the form provided for the designation of the Campaign Treasurer.

2020 Campaign Finance Reports

2022 Campaign Finance Reports

2023 Campaign Finance Reports

2023 Recount Campaign Finance Reports
Notice of Drawing for Place on the Ballot:
On a designated date, a drawing will be conducted at the Administration Building to determine the order that the names will appear on the official ballot. Candidates may directly participate or designate a proxy. The official conducting the drawing shall designate a proxy for all candidates not represented. The candidates' name will appear on the ballot precisely as the candidate indicated in the appropriate space on the application for a place on the ballot.

Polling Locations and Election Results:
For early voting locations and Election Day polling sites, please visit the Williamson County or Bell County elections web page.
Should a single candidate for any place receive more votes than any other candidates for the same place, that candidate shall be declared the winner and will file certain sworn statements with the Secretary of State declaring the ethical conduct of the election. The successful candidate shall be duly sworn and seated on the Board of Trustees at the next regular meeting following the official canvass.
Should a single candidate for any Place not receive more votes than any other candidates for the same Place, a run-off election will be conducted between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes. The official canvass will be on the Tuesday following the run-off election.
For more information on election procedures, or to obtain a candidate packet, please contact Grasie Gonzales, ( or the Superintendent's office 254-793-2850, Ext. 2221.