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Vendors are approved/added through the District Accounts Payable office. Items may be procured through District bidding, through co-op awarded bid (listed below), through price quote, or through spot purchase, depending on the amount. The aggregate amount of like-item purchases throughout the year can also determine the method of procurement. Prior approval in the form of an approved purchase order is required before any purchase may be made.  Single purchases of $50,000 or more require board approval before the purchase may be authorized. As a note, technology devices that work with the district network must be approved by the Technology Department. Instructional software and services are approved though the Curriculum Department. 

Vendors / Contractors – Fingerprinting Notice:

The Texas DPS will change how it grants Clearinghouse access to schools and contractors for the purposes of reviewing criminal history under TEC §22.0834. School contractors will only be granted access to fingerprint results that were obtained under the federal National Child Protection Act (NCPA) if the contractor meets NCPA criteria. Additionally, schools will no longer be given access to fingerprinting results if they were obtained under NCPA authority or through another agency. 

When these changes are implemented, school districts and charter schools will lose access to the criminal history records of individuals who were previously fingerprinted by contractors or by HHSC. Although the fingerprint results will be in the DPS Clearinghouse, the results will be partitioned and cannot be accessed. If school districts or charter schools need to review the criminal history of these individuals, they will need to fingerprint the individuals again. 

School districts and charter schools may only access the records of individuals that districts printed under TGC §411.097, TEC Chap. 22, Subchapter C, or through a Local Education Entity (LEE) pass.


School districts or charter schools may take one of two paths to ensure that contractors are fingerprinted:

•    Option 1 – Schools may fingerprint a contractor and/or contractor’s employees using the Local Education Entity (LEE) Fast Pass option. The contractor, however, will not be able to view the results through the DPS Clearinghouse. 

•    Option 2 – Texas-based contractors that provide care or care placement services may fingerprint their W-2 employees who have access to students. In this situation a contractor can certify that they are in compliance with TEC §22.0834. However, schools will not have access to the same fingerprint results. A private contractor that does not meet the NCPA criteria to access criminal history will not be granted access to the DPS Clearinghouse. 

Schools and contractors may request access to the DPS Secure Site FACT Clearinghouse by calling 512-424-2474, Option 1.

CO-OP Memberships:


US Communities / Omnia

TIPS / Region 8

Texas SmartBuy


Conflicts of Interest: 

Florence ISD Maintains a public internet list of local government officers and disclosure statements covering conflicts of interest.

Any individual or business entity that contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with Florence ISD must file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with the FISD Business Office in accordance with Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176, no later than the seventh business day after the recipient becomes aware of facts that require filing. 

Disclosure is required if:

  1. the person has employment or other business relationship with the local government officer or a family member resulting in the officer or family member receiving taxable income more than $2,500; or
  2. the person has given the local government officer or family member one or more gifts (excluding food, lodging, transportation, and entertainment) that have an aggregate value of more than $100 in the twelve-month period preceding the date the officer becomes aware of an executed contract or consideration of the person for a contract to do business with the district; or
  3. the person has a family relationship with a local government officer that is either 3rd degree of consanguinity (blood) or 2nd degree of affinity (marriage).

Statements must be filed within 7 business days after the officer becomes aware a conflict of interest exists.

Officers of the Florence Independent School District are:

  • Rick Kirkpatrick, Superintendent
  • Ed Navarette, President
  • Joshua Atkinson, Vice President
  • Jason Earp, Secretary
  • Jeff Stone
  • Anthony DeAugustineo
  • Charles Giddens
  • Pete Burson
  • Any agent/employee who exercises discretion in the planning, recommending, selection or contracting of a vendor

The Texas Ethics Commission owns the form and necessary revisions, and the vendor is responsible for obtaining the latest form. For your convenience, we have provided a link to the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ). Please complete, email to or mail to:

Florence ISD
Business Office
306 College Avenue

Florence, TX 76527

For further information, call (254) 793-2850.

Filed Conflict of Interest Forms:

Sue Banfield – CIQ

Eric Banfield – CIS

Filed Affidavits of Substantial Interest:

20230122 Rick Kirkpatrick/Walsh Gallegos Affidavit of Substantial Interest

20231107 Rick Kirkpatrick/O’Connell Robertson Affidavit of Substantial Interest