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Instructional Support

Instructional support:


Bilingual support:  a site that contains many sites to a wealth of bilingual resources  bilingual literacy resources



Visual Math


           – online textbooks for beginning and intermediate algebra

Math glossary


Villany one

Villany Two

These two sites teach geometry and algebra through a story “game” about bad people taking over the world.  Players have to stop them.  Besides it being a fun way to learn math, a lot, if not all, of what the characters speak is shown in text as well as heard.


Learn Alberta  This is a collection of sites as described below.

The three math sites are Math Under The SeaMath 5 Live, and Spy Guys Math.  Instead of explaining each one, I’m going to suggest that they’re definitely worth the time to just go and check them out.


Teaching Algebra Out of the Box

Teaching Math Without Words



Building academic vocabulary:

Speaking tents –

Various activities –

Geometry vocabulary 


Sheltered Instruction:

Six Key Strategies for Teachers of English Learners

Linguistic Scaffolding Strategies for ELLs

List of Cognates

GO TO Strategies: Scaffodling Options for Teachers of English Language Learners, K-12

Instructional Strategies to Motivate and Engage Students in Deeper Learning