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Book Apps & Websites

Ebsco E-books
Image that corresponds to Ebsco E-books

Obtain the school’s username and password from your Librarian.
After logging in, students will need to create an account to download. 

Britannica E-Stax
Image that corresponds to Britannica E-Stax

Browse, Read, Cite, and use over 222 Non-Fiction Titles
Read online or download for offline reading.

Sync Audiobooks
Image that corresponds to Sync Audiobooks

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+.
Sign up and register to recieve 2 free audio books each week in Summer

Destiny Quest
Image that corresponds to Destiny Quest

Browse, Read, or Listen to your favorite Library books through the Destiny Quest app. 

Enter for the Library URL.
See your Librarian to get a student account set up.

Image that corresponds to MakinVIA

Listen to or read your favorite library book on the go using the MackinVIA app. Download the Free app and start. 
Contact your Librarian for the username & password.