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FHS Instructional Technology

Apex Learning
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Digital curriculum to personalize learning, actionable data to inform instruction, and success management combine to ensure your students are learning and you get the results you're expecting

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Canvas is our Learning Management Platform for engagement between students and teachers to support online learning and teaching. 

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​ClassLink is the district Single Sign-On (SSO) that will be used by students and staff to access digital curriculum/resource sites that are SSO capable. This eliminates the need for a user to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Connect ED (McGraw Hill Resources)
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Online Textbook access for Students:

Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Cal)
Social Studies (Economics, Government, US History)


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Eduphoria! works to empower teachers. Our integrated apps assist in every aspect of the school day, from lesson planning to monitoring student progress, streamlining administrative duties, and providing a collaborative platform for education professionals. Eduphoria! creates tools that seamlessly precipitate a teacher’s success in the classroom.

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Develop skills anytime, anywhere.Enhance learning by choosing the most effective time and place on our tablet-friendly platform. Improve efficiency by accessing unlimited online professional development in a variety of subjects.  Earn certificates, print them out. Obtain official TEA ContinuingProfessional Educator hours and print certificates from your account or share them online.

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Online curriculum platform for Career and Technical Education Programs. 

Language Live
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LANGUAGE!® Live redefines literacy intervention. Struggling readers in grades 5–12 excel with 2X literacy gains to close the gap faster than with any other literacy product.

My HRW (HMH Resources)
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Online Textbook Access for Students & Teachers


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Teachning give educators access to supplemental materials for assigned books for your classroom reading. Materials include lesson plans, book guides, book trailers, book lists, vocabulary etc...Sign up for an educator account for more access. 

TEKS Resource System
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This site provides curriculum and assessment components aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education-adopted TEKS for the following subject areas:

  • English Language Arts and Reading (grades K-12)
  • Mathematics (grades K-12)
  • Science (grades K-12)
  • Social Studies (grades K-12)
  • Spanish Language Arts and Reading (grades K-5)
  • Spanish translated versions of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (grades K-5)
TexQuest Research Navigator High School
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TexQuest is a statewide digital resources program that provides anytime, anywhere access to high quality, authoritative digital resources to all educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools. Obtain your password from your school Librarian or Teacher.