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Important Information: Updated COVID Quarantine Protocols Regarding Assemblies and Gatherings

Posted Date: 03/01/2021

Change to Assemblies and Gatherings Protocols

As a result of the constant review of this plan, the most recent available data from the CDC and other government entities, and a continued desire to provide our students, staff, and families with more safe options to participate in school related events, the Florence ISD administrative team has determined that some special events may be held under certain circumstances. Special event planning may require the modification or exemption of some parts of the guidelines found in the current plan. Those decisions will be made by school district administration with the health and safety of all stakeholders in mind.

Change to COVID-19 Close Contact Quarantine Protocols

After careful consideration of updated information from both the CDC and TEA related to close contact quarantine guidelines, Florence ISD has decided to amend the timelines and processes related to staff and student quarantine periods. The following changes will take effect immediately for both new and existing staff and student quarantine periods.  Under the new process, students and employees may now return from quarantine for a close contact if they meet the one of the following criteria.

  1. 7 days after the last close contact, after receiving a negative test result (not a rapid test) (administered at least 5 days after the last close contact), so long as they continue to monitor themselves daily for symptoms and  take appropriate precautions through day 14

  1. 10 days after the last close contact, so long as they continue to monitor themselves daily for symptoms and take appropriate precautions through day 14

Change to Remote to In-Person Instruction Transition Procedure

Additionally, after reviewing available data, including student performance records, stakeholder feedback, and other sources of information, Florence ISD has decided to amend the current process, as outlined in the FISD “Strong Start” plan, for remote students to move to in-person learning.  Currently, students that are served in the remote environment may choose to return after each 9 week grading period. The “Strong Start” plan will be amended to allow parents to choose to return to in-person learning on a weekly basis following the process outlined below. This change will take effect immediately.

A parent wishing to have their student(s) return to in-person learning must complete a form  requesting a return no later than Thursday of the week prior to the student’s Monday return date.  For example, a parent might complete the return form on Tuesday of one week making their child eligible to return the following Monday.

The form can be accessed through the following link: