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Students Being Provided Local Organic Produce

Posted Date: 06/20/2018

Ben McConnell, owner of Bouldin Food Forrest, along with our Child Nutrition Director Lillian Barnett, gave a presentation to the Board of Trustees on our Farm to School Program at the Board Meeting on Monday night. Mrs. Barnett reported that as a result of partnering with Mr. McConnell, our students are being provided fresh organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. The students have been very open to trying these items and she reports that for the first time she is refilling the bins in the serving lines with items such as fresh greens and veggies! Fresh herbs are being used not only as seasoning, but to infuse water for students to drink.  Mr. McConnell provided the Board with samples of the fresh herbs. We appreciate the working partnership these two have formed and the opportunities for our student to enjoy new healthy food choices! BenBen 2