February TOM


Mr. Michalewicz selected Terri Clawson as the February Teacher of the Month.  The following is an excerpt from the recommendation provided by Dr. Bradford:   

Mrs. Clawson is an amazing team player. Not only does she do a great job as a teacher in her class, but she continues to contribute to the entire school by assisting teachers with behavior interventions.  In particular, she facilitates many parent/teacher conferences and assists with developing behavior improvement plans and contracts for teachers to use with students.  She does peer observations and offers constructive suggestions for improvement.  She has volunteered her time to help provide professional development including ESped, as well SAMA.  She is a mentor for two new teachers on the elementary campus.  Mrs. Clawson continues to be a significant reason for success at the elementary.   She handles the most sensitive situations with grace, tact and warmth. She is very compassionate with students and parents.